What is your style of photography and editing?

My style is a blend between journalistic and traditional.  I will do the typical "stand and smile for the camera" shots because those are always nice to send to friends and family; however, my favorite shots tend to be the more candid or unexpected moments that really capture the personality of the people in them.  I will offer some guidance if I see a particularly interesting background or lighting and I can also help with some posing ideas (people frequently have no idea what to do with their arms once they're thinking about it!) but then I like to leave you alone and see what happens.  In terms of editing, every photo I give you will be looked over and edited by me. I prefer a relatively "clean" edit that won't look dated in a few years (remember selective coloring?) and keeps the focus on you. I do some editing such as removing a stranger walking by in the background or removing blemishes on the skin, but I never want the people or settings to look fake.  My goal is to produce a picture of the scene exactly how it was, but in the best way possible.

What makes you stand out from other photographers?

Starting out in nature photography, where animals rarely stop to pose, I have developed a quick and intuitive eye for composition.  I have a relaxed personality and sense of humor that tends to put people at ease, which results in more natural and creative images.  On top of that, I genuinely care about the people I'm photographing.  I know this is an important moment and a significant investment for you and I want to give you something you'll treasure for years to come.  If you ask people what they would grab from their house during a fire, most people put family photos very high on their list.  That significance is not lost on me.  The trust you put in me to capture a once in a lifetime moment is not something I take lightly.

In what format do you shoot pictures?  What will I receive?

I shoot in everything in a RAW file format, which can't be opened without photo editing software.  The files you receive will be in JPEG format, which makes them ready for sharing online or printing.  All sessions are put into a password-protected gallery where you can download either small files for social media or large files for printing.  Every client will receive a perpetual printing release giving you the right to print photos whenever and wherever you like.

How many pictures will I receive?

This is such a hard question to answer, but everyone wants to know!  I don't put a hard limit on the number of photos I deliver, because I don't want to include things that aren't so great or cut out fantastic shots just to hit some magic number we discussed.  However, in my experience, I have never delivered fewer than 30 images per hour of wedding coverage or 15 final images in an engagement session, so that's where I have set my guaranteed minimum.

How long after the shoot will I receive my pictures?

For engagement and portrait sessions, the edited pictures will be available within two weeks.  For weddings, the final product will be delivered within no more than six weeks.

What kind of equipment do you use?

I use entirely Nikon products.  That's simply a matter of personal preference.  If you're going to have any portion of your wedding indoors or at night, I will also bring lighting equipment and stands.

Can I order enlargements or canvas prints through you?

Sure!  When I send you a link to your final gallery, I also send recommendations of places to consider having images printed.  If you want to save yourself the hassle and order directly through me, you are welcome to do so.  I also offer album design and printing since that becomes much more complicated than most people want to fuss with.

Do your standard wedding charges include engagement pictures?

I very strongly encourage all wedding clients to have an engagement session with whoever they choose as a photographer.  If aesthetic approach is the most important aspect of choosing a photographer, personality is very close behind.  This person is going to be with you all day, even during moments most other guests aren't, so it's very important that you feel comfortable.  It also gives an opportunity for the photographer to know the personality and preference of the clients in a setting that isn't quite so hectic.  For that reason, I include an engagement session in the Pine and Aspen wedding packages and it can be added on to the Spruce package.  If you want to book an engagement session first to see how we work together and then decide to hire me for the wedding with either the Pine or Aspen package, I will subtract the cost of the engagement session from the price of photographing the wedding.

Do you require a deposit?  When will I need to make final payment?

For one-hour sessions, payment in full is required before or at the shoot.  For weddings, there is a 50% retainer required to hold the date for you.  While there is no strict timeline when that needs to be paid, the date is not guaranteed to be available until the deposit is received.   The remainder is due one week before the event when we will do a final run-through of the details and timeline.  I do this because I've found the actual wedding day is busy and emotional enough without having to worry about payments.

What is your refund policy in case you can't make it? In case of cancellation?

Unless I am physically unable, I will be there.  I haven't had to cancel a wedding yet (frantically knocking on wood!). If for some reason I can't make it, I will refund your money entirely and start calling colleagues to find someone who is available to take my place.  If YOU cancel the wedding, any amount paid is non-refundable, but I bet if you're looking for photographers you're pretty sure of your decision :)

What areas of Colorado/Wyoming do you cover?  How do you charge for travel outside of the Denver area?

I love traveling around this area, so all locations are negotiable.  However, the range included in the price for one hour sessions and the Spruce wedding package is within 20 miles of the Denver metro area.  Wedding packages Pine and Aspen include travel up to 100 miles of Denver (including Cheyenne and Laramie).  If your location falls outside those ranges, contact me and we'll discuss the details.

Our wedding will be outdoors.  Will you still be able to get good photos if we need to move indoors due to bad weather?

Definitely!  Even if you get married in a closet, I will find a way to get good pictures of it.  Although, don't be afraid of a little bad weather.  We had our wedding in May.  It rained all afternoon and there was a blizzard the next day.  I stubbornly insisted on having the ceremony outdoors anyway and the pictures of everyone carrying an umbrella were really unique.

Can we request a list of shots for you to take?

Yes!  Although please don't feel like you need to print out one of those checklists you see on wedding blogs.  I think it's safe to assume you want a picture of your first kiss.  But if there are special little details, like wearing a piece of borrowed jewelry, that I wouldn't otherwise know about, I would LOVE to know what they are.  I also strongly recommend that you make a list of family/friend formal portraits you would like, as it often becomes quite busy and emotional during the day and you may inadvertently leave someone out.

Are you our actual photographer? Will you have an assistant?

I am the primary photographer and will be the person at every shoot.  Personally, I rarely feel like a wedding needs a second shooter unless the venues are very far apart or the guest list is huge.  However, if you think you would require a second photographer, we can definitely work that out.

Do you photograph all kinds of weddings?

Absolutely!  While I certainly have a soft spot for outdoor weddings, I enjoy photographing in all types of settings and with any level of formality.  As for the clientele, I don't limit myself to any particular race, religion, orientation, or physical appearance. Love is always beautiful and I consider myself fortunate to witness it.