Hello!  My name is Sara DeGroot and I am the owner and lead photographer at Apricity Images.  I grew up in Cheyenne, Wyoming, and attended the University of Wyoming on a debate scholarship.  Then I spent a few years in Northern California until I missed the mountains and distinct seasons and came back to finally settle down in Colorado.

I always enjoyed photography as a hobby, so while I was working in a lab at UC-Berkeley, I decided to take several photography classes on campus. Throughout most of my life, I worked in healthcare.  My previous job involved interacting with people shortly after a loved one had passed away.  It was important work, but very emotionally taxing for someone who tends to experience the feelings of people along with them.  As I was wondering if I was in a career that I could be happy with for the rest of my life, the decision was made for me and I was unexpectedly laid off.  Around the same time, my (now) husband proposed and I realized my absolute favorite part of the wedding planning process was choosing a photographer (followed very closely by cake tasting!).

My decision to start a photography business was a culmination of all these events.  I decided I wanted to do something I was passionate about. I wanted something with a more creative outlet.  Ideally, something that would let me spend some time outdoors. But mostly, I wanted to interact with people during the best, rather than worst, moments of their lives.  Being a Denver wedding photographer has given me the opportunity to work with an amazing array of people all around the Rocky Mountain area and I couldn't be happier with the new direction life has taken me.

Many people never get the luxury to pursue their passion as a career, and it wouldn’t be possible without the support of my family- especially my husband.  He has such ceaseless patience that he even lets me dress him up for ridiculous Christmas cards each year!

We live in Aurora with our two dogs, Buster and Frisco, and one very disapproving cat, Gizmo.  Everything we own is covered in fur. And we are unashamed geeks! Both of us love playing board & video games and can spend hours discussing Game of Thrones theories.  We used to both enjoy rafting until I almost drowned on our first date.  As a result, we now stick to camping, hiking, and other land-based activities.  We are also passionate about music, terrible movies, cooking, and (of course) the Broncos!

At the beginning of 2017, we welcomed the newest addition to our family: Alexander Edward (named after my great-grandfather and grandfather).  He has changed our lives for the better in countless ways, but he probably doesn't yet comprehend just how many hours of his life are about to be spent in front of a camera.