How to Include Your Dog In Your Wedding

A guide for pet owners who want to include their pet in their wedding photography

Preparing for pet photography

*If you want to meet in a public place, make sure they allow pets and check whether they have an on-leash/ off-leash policy

*Again, if in a public place, make sure all your pet’s shots are up to date.  We don’t want to expose them to anything dangerous!

*Bring some of your pet’s favorite toys and treats.  I’ll bring some as well, but every pet is different in whether they go crazy for anything new or find comfort in the familiar.

*Bring a lint roller.  If you want to be in the photographs as well, you’ll probably be covered in hair before we take the first shot.  I usually try to carry one with me, but just in case I forget it would be great if you had a back-up!

*Be patient!  One hour is a long time for a pet to focus on something.  We’ll take breaks where you can run around and re-energize your pet, and sometimes those yield the best photographs!

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